The collaboration

It all started with a meeting: Marta Cygan - founder of the blog Life of Boheme - and France Rocher - founder of Hotel Bleu. Quickly, many common points emanate from their discussion: beautiful materials, clothes in which we feel good & that will last, Paris & LA... A few months later the idea of a collaboration was born.




"Sensitive to her world and her personality, I suggested her to imagine a shirt. A timeless piece and essential to her wardrobe." France



"This shirt I designed with France is fundamentally my perception of a modern woman. She would wear it with an instinctive desire, with the importance of being conscientious and expressing the control of her style. Essential is essentially how I feel about this shirt." Marta

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Made in Paris & luxury Italian fabrics

Since its launch, we have made it a point to offer collections entirely made in Parisian workshops in order to highlight French craftsmanship.The Over Blouse Orson is made in the heart of Paris, in the 3rd arrondissement. An entire day is needed to fabricate a piece.

The materials come from one of the most beautiful Italian house providing for luxury brands such as Hermes, Celine & Comme des Garçons.